For the Benefit of Humankind

We are taking a quick rest over here after an inspiring, busy, and altogether full week at Yellow Conference 2017! If you were able to join us, in any capacity, we hope you left with full hearts and excited minds.

I know for many of us there is so much intake to process and ideas to flourish. But for now, let’s sit for a moment, be present with ourselves, and reflect on all the goodness. Enjoy this video we launched at the conference along with the announcement of the Yellow Collective 2.0, made by the incredible Marissa of Reel Rad Films!

Photo by: Cacá Santoro
Video by: Marissa Rascon, Reel Rad Films

Pre-orders for the Yellow Collective membership are available now!

Hanna Snyder

Communications Director at Yellow Co.

Hanna is a graphic designer and writer in Los Angeles, and the Communications Director at Yellow Co. Any story well told - whether through design, words, art, or food stirs her. As a romantic about nearly everything, she believes what we bring to our world deserves to be beautiful. Her love is endlessly exploring new ways to express our truest self, and has been trying to figure out her curls since birth.