The Yellow Collective 2.0 Launch: Gathering Together to Become Agents of Good

One year ago, something huge happened.

At Yellow Conference 2016, our team officially introduced The Yellow Collective into the world as a community experiment — one that we hoped would grow and develop into an unstoppable force of good for women across the country.

I had the opportunity to see the Yellow Collective launch while I was still a Yellow summer intern, and from the very first small group of beta members, I knew that I was getting to see something special form. Members became instant family — a haven for one another as they sought to infuse the world with goodness through their work and creativity.

Once we launched, women joined forces from all around the country and gathered together in chapters to share their joys, trials, and wisdom with each other. Over the course of the year, many of these groups have remained steadfast and have built close friendships as a small group — dedicated to supporting their local members as well as ones they maintain digital relationships with.

When Eileen Rosete launched Our Sacred Women at last year’s conference, fellow members in the Collective showed her ample support. Her success was their success. When a member voices a need or a question, whether in person or online, Collective ladies flock to assist her. This support has been such a beautiful foundation for this community. Not only do they verbally affirm each other, but they show up in tangible ways to collaborate.

I’ve seen members walk away from a soul-diminishing season into a life-giving one through the encouragement of their fellow Collective ladies. What an honor to witness transformative change, tangible support, and intimate friendship through this community. I truly can’t wait to see all that’s to come this next year.


That being said, we have listened to the community’s needs and desires, and have redirected our focus.

While we have always catered to entrepreneurial women, our true goal is to empower all women to become agents of good in the world.

You don’t need to own a business or even consider yourself creative to introduce goodness to others through your life. So to expand our horizons and ensure that everyone feels welcome, we’re launching The Yellow Collective 2.0 and our mission is to gather and grow agents of good to be world-changers!

For the ladies dedicated to doing this through their own businesses specifically, we’re partnering with the amazing folks over at FLDWRK to offer their start-up programs: Pilot, Launch, Growth, and Impact. They’re an amazing company dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in turning creative ideas into sustainable realities, full of purpose.

Some of the exciting new aspects of Collective 2.0:

Monthly Mail

Rather than being product-focused through the quarterly empowerment box, we’re becoming content-focused through a monthly packet full of goodness centered around our periodical! This is a monthly themed publication featuring original content and photography from talented contributors within our community. Not only will it include some great articles, Q&A’s, and member highlights, it will also include the themed workbook and spaces for reflection! No more downloading the digital workbook — it will be delivered directly to your doorstep! In addition to the periodical issue, it will include a beautifully designed do-good challenge, a voucher for a free socially-conscious product, and various other goodies! And the best part is, you get it every month.

Monthly Membership

We know having the membership registration open for only two weeks every quarter has been hard for many of you — so we’re moving from a quarterly model to a monthly one. In other words, the membership will be open for sign-ups all the time! No more waiting three months to join or feeling the pressure to commit to an entire quarter. You can join at any point, which will make inviting your friends to the Collective much easier!


The Collective Website

We’re making everything central by having a brand new, custom website built for us! It’ll be a hub of connection, information, and communication for all our Yellow Collective members.

Giving Back

Because we’re so dedicated to raising up agents of good, we want to ensure that we’re reflecting that ourselves. We’re changing our own business model so that each and every membership literally changes the world for good.  To empower our local community, we’re hiring emancipated foster youth and implementing a mentorship program for them.

We are helping fund sex trafficking rescue missions through proceeds given back from membership costs.

Lastly, we’ll be printing our periodical on 100% recycled paper through a certified eco-friendly printing service. Not only will your membership bring you an amazing community, but it will literally change the world.

I can’t wait for all these changes, and I’m beyond excited to see the many ways this Collective will continue to grow to empower more agents of good!  If this sounds like a community that you’d like to be apart of, pre-orders for October membership are officially available on our new website!  

Click here to pre-order your Yellow Collective Membership!

Photos by: Cacá Santoro

Rachel Neal

Rachel is a writer, reader, and Enneagram enthusiast living in Whittier. She’s currently in the process of becoming a certified KonMari consultant, helps run a house-church alongside some dear friends, and is practicing getting in touch with what brings her joy. She’s really into reading memoirs, taking complicated bubble baths, and trying to artfully merge humor and vulnerability.