Our 2018 Do-Good Holiday Gift Guide (With Discounts!)

Dreaming up thoughtful gifts is one of my absolute favorite things to do (aka slightly obsess over) at this time of year. But beyond remembering that one wish my friend mentioned off the cuff that one time, or finding the perfect class for my parent’s new hobby, thoughtful gifting has taken on a new meaning for me. We have so much opportunity in this season to be thoughtful of the impact our purchases have, and to vote, and vote hard, with our dollars for the brands we want to support. So, I’ve rounded up our Yellow team’s picks for not only some grand gift ideas for everyone on your list, but brands that truly inspire, motivate, and excite us by the incredible impact each of them are making in the world. (A few of which have discounts for you below!) Happy conscious shopping!


Clean Wines from Thrive Market

If you’ve yet to hear of Thrive Market, hold onto your chair. It’s an online marketplace full of organic foods and natural products – all at a fraction of the price. Including, most importantly, WINE. You can grab a bottle (or six, or twelve) from them and rest easy knowing that ALL of their wines are organic, biodynamic, or sustainably farmed. Why does this matter? Because wine is not regulated by the FDA, chemicals can be legally added to wine without being printed on the label (yikes). And let me tell you, you can truly taste the difference.

Any wine of theirs I’ve tried has such a crisp, clean finish and sips as smooth as velvet. So for any hostess gift, stocking stuffer, or dinner party drink of choice this year, these are our go-to. My favorite so far? The Verdicchio Classico by Tenuta dell’Ugolino.

Grab an extra 25% off your first purchase + a free 30-day membership to their site HERE!

The Cropped Mockneck Sweater - Editorial 1-1.jpg

Cropped Mockneck Sweater by Vetta

We’re in full-on sweater season people, and few things make a better present than the gift of coziness. Our fave this year: this lovely number by Vetta. Their Cropped Mockneck Sweater is made from organic cotton, is a lightweight-but-warm waffle knit, and is cropped to the perfect, swingy length. Not to mention – it can be worn multiple ways, so you can literally spend all season in it without looking like you are. Vetta is well known for making sustainable, versatile essentials that you can build a capsule wardobe out of – because they know that one of the best ways to help overproduction in the fashion industry is to simply buy less and rewear more. This sweater has a detachable turtleneck (yes, it really works!), so you can basically give two gifts in one to your sister, friend, or yourself (no judgement).


Coffee Subscription from Generous

What’s better than treating your friend to a coffee? Having coffee consistently delivered to their doorstep to make every morning. Coffee subscriptions have been getting more and more popular, and they make for such a thoughtful gift! Our pick of the best beans is Generous. They offer subscriptions of the most delicious specialty coffees (I’ve been sipping on the rich Obsidian blend and it’s a dream) that can be delivered whenever and however often you would like. Generous partners with socially responsible organizations on each of their products, giving 100% of their profits to causes that are fighting injustices around the world. Talk about a do-good gift.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 3.01.22 PM.png

Into the Woods Diffuser Gift Set by Saje

Welcome to relaxation nation. If your loved one has yet to know the many joys of essential oils drifting through the air (and thus turning their home into a spa-like dream), this diffuser set from Saje is the perfect present. Their Into the Woods set comes with their Aroma Tree Diffuser and a Rain Forest Diffuser blend – a mix of balsam fir, pine, and cedarwood that’s the perfect balance of fresh and earthy (not to mention 100% natural). Diffusers humidify and revitalize your air with healing essential oils, and release negative ions – all while bringing you calm and clarity to de-stress at the end of the day, or wake up your senses in the morning.

The Ultimate-gift box-Behind the Scenes-small.jpg

Organic Chocolate Gift Boxes by Alter Eco

I love chocolate more than anyone I know, and in my eyes (and taste buds) no bar has measured up to Alter Eco’s. They make a bunch of different decadent flavors (I can’t get away from the Dark Salted Brown Butter) of delicious chocolate that is organic, fair trade, and even some that are vegan! This holiday season, Alter Eco is planting a tree in the Peruvian Amazon for every gift box sold as part of their reforestation project. Chocolate + saving the planet – need we say more?

Use code YELLOWCO for 25% off any of their holiday gift boxes!


Slingback Tassel Bag by Elevate

For the ethical leather lover on your list. Elevate’s Slingback Tassel Bag is handcrafted by global artisans, and 50% of the proceeds from each purchase are reinvested into creating even more meaningful, sustainable jobs for men and women in South Asia. This bag is thoughtfully designed to change your day-to-day while simultaneously changing the world. It’s a 3-in-1 that triples as a bucket bag, crossbody, and a backpack (talk about multitasking). It’s the ultimate conscious gift that keeps on giving.

Use code holiday10 for 10% off your order!

Gift for Good047-1.jpg

Flat Weave Fouta Throw from Gifts for Good

This versatile throw is the perfect go-to gift for anyone! The Flat Weave Fouta (or Tunisian towel) from Gifts for Good can be used as a cozy throw, beach blanket, bath towel, tablecloth, baby blanket – you name it. It’s as luxurious as it is lightweight, and not to mention - machine washable. If you’ve yet to shop through Gifts for Good, head on over to their online market of conscious gifts that give back! Every item on their site helps support the work of over 40 nonprofits and social enterprises around the world – funding causes that provide things like clean water, food, hearing, shelter for the homeless, support to human trafficking survivors, and employment for refugees.

Use code DOGOOD for 10% off, or get it automatically by using this link!


Totem Earrings by ABLE

You can really never go wrong with jewelry, right? These Totem Earrings are our pick this year for the girl on our list who loves to make a statement while keeping it classy. ABLE is an incredible lifestyle brand focused on ending generational poverty by providing jobs for women. Their products are handcrafted and bring impact to Nashville, Ethiopia, Mexico, Peru, and more. We’re big fans.

Use code YELLOW20 for 20% off your order!


Sunbeam Vase by 31 Bits

Has anyone seen the gorgeous home goods 31 Bits has been making? We’ve been swooning over them! My current favorite in their collection is this Sunbeam Vase – it’s quirky, simple, and truly one of a kind. 31 Bits creates products that are ethically made by artisans around the world (this vase was handmade in Bali!) - providing fair pay, safe workshops, a family work culture, and the opportunity to use traditional techniques on modern designs.

Hanna Snyder

Communications Director at Yellow Co.

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