5 Ways to Make Your Website Stand out & Grow Your Business

Creating a website to showcase your true passion can be a daunting task. There are so many items to think of when you are starting to put your pen to paper (or mouse to computer screen in this case). The difficulty is, what should you focus on? How can you highlight your vision properly? I’ve put together a short list of the most important parts to keep in mind when building your website to make sure it stands out among the rest.

Eye-catching imagery

It’s important to have clear, high quality images that showcase your product and service to communicate your professionalism. Your brand’s personality and origin is delivered via the images the visitors see, and it is all about creating a memorable first impression. If you need, there are even some great free image sites, such as Gratisography, that have high-resolution images.

E-commerce offerings

If you’re selling products, make sure your site is integrated to be a one-stop shop so customers don’t need to leave your page to make purchases. Create an inventory of your items, use integrated shipping and tax options, and use easy checkout options like Square or PayPal. You can also use features like coupon codes for loyalty or abandon cart emails to recapture visitors that may have forgotten to complete their purchase.


Strong headlines

We believe that your homepage should describe what you do and the purpose of your site in 15 words or less. This will capture the essence of your brand in an impactful way. Use short and concise headers to help deliver a powerful and trusting message (and keep your customers coming back for more). Also consider the look of your headline - consider bright colors or a unique font to help grab attention. Not sure where to start creating a striking homepage? Use a website builder that has bold, beautiful templates pre-designed for you to use!

Clear call to actions

These should always highlight the underlying goal of your site, and help users navigate it seamlessly. For example, if your visitors have a question about completing a sale, how can they get in touch? Adding a “contact us” form, an email address, or a direct “buy now” button on your homepage can point your customers in the right direction.


Mobile-friendly website builder

Make sure that you choose a website builder where you can update your site from your phone or tablet. Managing your business is something you should be able to do on-the-go. If your store is closed due to a holiday, you need to fulfill orders, communicate with customers that have questions, or you just want to easily view your website traffic, you should be able to.

The best part of building a website is that you get to express yourself and give people the ability to experience your talent and knowledge. Your passions and what you believe in are ultimately what will power the best experience. I hope these techniques help make it possible for the best of you to shine through!

Jackie Korpeck

Business Operations Manager at Weebly

Jackie has been working with Weebly since 2014. As a business operations manager, she’s witnessed the evolution of small business websites and recognizes key trends that take a site to the next level.