Should You Use IGTV? Alex Michael May Answers All Your Questions & Shares Her Tips

Yes, the internet has done it again. Given us yet another social media platform to share content and connect with others on. And while some businesses and content creators excitedly jumped on the opportunity to use Instagram’s new IGTV, it seems to have left others overwhelmed with questions – a main one being, how important is it for me to use another new space to share content with my audience? For any who can relate - worry not. Today Alex Michael May, speaker, writer, creative director, and virtual bff to many, is answering all our questions about the importance of IGTV, how it can be used, and who should be utilizing it as a platform!

What is the deal with IGTV? Do you think it is here to stay?

Personally I don’t think Instagram would invest time and money into creating a whole new platform if they didn’t believe it had staying power! Considering the impact IG has had on social media and our society the past few years, when they think something is missing in the market (i.e.: vertical video) they may be right! We will see, but there’s also something to be be said about not leaving the app to continue a more in-depth viewing experience.

Who should use IGTV? Is it necessary for all social media platforms?

IGTV is a great way for brands, businesses, nonprofits, causes, influencers, and more to take their audiences in a step further and show them more.

While it’s not necessary per se, I do think that video in general is a powerful communication tool -

And the benefit to IGTV is that you can capture the attention of your already-existing user base right there on the Instagram app, as well as attract new users.

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What are the perks? Do you have any tips on its functions?

I have found that it’s much easier to use than youtube, and you can do it all right on your smartphone — filming, editing, posting (unless the video is over 10 minutes, then you have to upload from your desktop!). I actually made a video here you can watch with my top tips on how to make a pro-looking video, right on my IG channel!

The bar to entry is lower than IG feed or Youtube, so just get to creating! If you have existing videos not in vertical format, you can download the InShot App and easily convert them to vertical in an aesthetically pleasing way. That’s a great way to get used to creating content and familiarize yourself with the platform!

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What type of content is best to put on IGTV as opposed to other social media features? How have you been using it?

IGTV is best for content you want to live on (as opposed to stories which expire in 24 hours), and that need to be a little longer in format. Videos can be up to an hour long (you can upload under 10 minute vids from your phone, and up to one hour via desktop). I began by posting one video a day, just to get used to using it.

I challenged myself to let go of perfectionism and just go for it!

Some days I would walk around my neighborhood and share tips on not comparing yourself to strangers on the internet, and some days it would be a lookbook I shot specifically for IGTV, but they were all edited and posted directly from my phone.

Throwing a lot of different kinds of content out there allowed me to be spontaneous and creative, to try new things and see what my audience resonated with. What I like about IGTV is that it’s still new, so there’s not yet an established strategy or one right way yet!

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Does IGTV help you connect more authentically with others? If so, how have you seen this happen?

I think it does! It allows me to expand upon the personal connection IG has created through posts and stories, and share more with my audience.

I can share more in-depth information, tutorials, etc., but it still feels real and raw.

Something about vertical video to me mimics the feeling of Facetiming with a friend, and I think it’s cool to get to watch people and brands and causes I care about up close and personal in a new way.

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How could this platform help women create meaningful, purpose-driven work that impacts others for good?

IGTV is a communication tool — it’s a new way to tell stories with video. If you’re a nonprofit who works with a community, take people in to meet that community. Tell the stories of its people. Share the working you’re doing! If you coach or work with people, give people a taste of what a session with you would be like by sharing a free guided meditation on your IGTV channel. Think about how you can SHOW rather than tell what you want to communicate and use IGTV to do it!

Anyone can film, edit, and post directly from their phone, so this is essentially a mobile video studio at your fingertips, and the sky is the limit!

Photos courtesy of Alex Michael May

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