Everything You Need to Convince Your Boss to Send You to the 2018 Yellow Conference

The 2018 Yellow Conference is coming QUICK! We’ve been hearing from some of you that while you’re dying to make it, you need some help getting the time off from work and/or getting your company to pay for you to come. We want to make sure you can be there, so today we’re sharing everything you need to know to pitch the Yellow Conference to your boss - why it’s a worthy investment, what you can bring back to your team afterwards, how it will benefit you as an employee and them as a business, and more! You can even download a pdf of this information to drop into their inbox here ;). So gather that courage, go pitch it to your boss, and then grab your ticket to Yellow!

Boss Question #1: What is this thing you want to go to?

Answer: It’s called The Yellow Conference and it’s for women who are using their gifts, skills and talents to further the greater good in the world. This is the 5th year this Annual Conference has been put on. It’s a 2-day long event in Downtown LA with 500 attendees, 10 speakers, 2 panels, networking opportunities, a Do-Good Goods Marketplace and interactive activities. They’ve had speakers like Vik Harrison (Co-Founder & Creative Director of charity:water), Maggie Doyne (Founder of BlinkNow Foundation), Alexis Jones (Founder of I Am That Girl & ProtectHer), Caitlin Crosby (Founder of The Giving Keys), Sarah Dubbledam (Founder & Editor in Chief of Darling Magazine), Golriz Lucina (Creative Director of Soul Pancake), Ruthie Lindsey and so many other female social trailblazers come and speak at their conference over the years.

You can check out our 2018 speaker line-up here with more announcements to come soon! We just announced that Miki Agrawal (THINX CoFounder and Serial Entrepreneur) and Cassandra Lee (Justice Rising Co-Founder & Executive Director) will be speaking, and Liz Skalla (GIVN Goods Co-founder), Kathy Terry (InLieu App Founder), AmyAnn Cadwell (The Good Trade Co-Founder), Susan O’Brien (Hail Merry Founder), and Heather McDougall (Bogobrush Co-Founder & CEO) will be joining our panels!


Boss Question #2: What are you going to get out of this?

Answer: Overall, the focus is on helping women create meaningful work in the world. Whether that’s through do-good business and entrepreneurship, art, creativity, writing or whatever your field of work is. I’m going to leave feeling inspired and more motivated (meaning the amount I’m going to get done on Monday is going to be insane good). I’m going to leave with more tools, resources and advice on how I can (and we can, as a company) integrate more meaning, purpose and social causes into our work culture, systems and processes. I’m also going to leave with some amazing connections with women in the social good space. Which means more partnerships and potential opportunities for us as a company! There’s also a Do-Good Goods Marketplace, which if you let me go, maaaybe I’ll grab you a do-good gift! ;)


Boss Question #3: Why do you want to go?

Answer: I know as a company we value making an impact for good and creating meaningful and purposeful work. This is what I’ll learn to do more of and connect with other women who are also working towards the same thing. I want to challenge myself and my current way of thinking, be exposed to new ideas and industry trends, I want to make connections with others in the social good space, and I believe that me attending this conference will benefit our organization as a whole when I come back and implement everything I’ve learned! Aaaand I want to get my holiday shopping done in the Do-Good Goods Marketplace!


Boss Question #4: Cool! How much is it?

Answer: Ticket prices go up and get more expensive the longer we wait. BUT if we get 3 or more co-workers to grab a group price, we get it for way cheaper! Want to come??

Grab your ticket here to join us in August for the 2018 Yellow Conference in DTLA!

Photos by Cacá Santoro for Yellow Co.

Joanna Waterfall

Founder at Yellow Co.

Joanna is the founder of the Yellow Conference, a gathering for creative, entrepreneurial minded women to be equipped, inspired, and connected for the greater good. She lives in the Los Angeles area with her hubs and cat, loves coffee, and sometimes goes days without washing her hair.