Meet 4 of Our 2018 Yellow Conference Speakers!

We are just two months out from our 5th annual Yellow Conference, and our team is bursting with excitement getting everything ready for all of you incredible ladies that will be joining us! If you haven’t made it to one yet - these two days are so much more than a typical conference. This gathering is for the ones who desire to fight for a better tomorrow. The ones who are willing to roll up their sleeves, step out in courage, and use their creativity for good. This is where we come together for the benefit of humankind.

Our 2018 theme for the conference is “Our Ownership”. It’s no secret millennials aren’t owning items like cars, houses and music like previous generations. Although we are less inclined to own when it comes to material possessions, what if we were known as a generation who knows how to own who they are? Owning the stories, dreams, visions, passions and abilities we have. Owning the problems of the world instead of turning a blind eye. Owning the fact that we’re in this together as global citizens.

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In addition to the amazing community of 500 creative, entrepreneurial-minded women gathering together, interactive experiences, and a whole marketplace of do-good businesses, we will, of course, be hearing from many powerhouse speakers on Ownership! We’re so excited to announce a few of them to you today, and to hear from them on how taking ownership has influenced their lives!

Nikia Phoenix

Model, Writer, Founder of Black Girl Beautiful

Nikia Phoenix is a model, writer, and dream instigator with a passion for women’s issues, social equality, and all things beautiful. If you don’t follow her daily morning routine and affirmations she posts daily on her story - go there now and soak in the goodness. We’re big fans. Nikia is also the founder of the women’s empowerment platform Black Girl Beautiful.⠀


Brittany & Ian Bentley

Co-founders of Parker Clay

Brittany and Ian Bentley founded Parker Clay as a result and response to several life events they never could have expected - from adopting their first daughter in Ethiopia, to returning back just one year later to live in there and adopt their second daughter, to getting to know the incredible organizations in the area working to empower women vulnerable to prostitution and human trafficking, to discovering high quality, ethically sourced leather goods made by local artisans. Parker Clay was then born as a luxury lifestyle brand that hand selects the highest quality leather to make timeless products made in Ethiopia by way of age-old traditional craftsmanship - all while creating opportunities for vulnerable women to become economically independent. They have since returned to their roots in Santa Barbara, California, where they are able to continue growing their platform and spreading their vision.

What was a powerful moment in your life when you took ownership over something?

“One late night while living in Ethiopia, I was driving home and saw a young woman standing out in the dark waiting. It was clear she was working in prostitution, but rather than seeing her as just another woman on the streets, I saw my young daughter in that little girl. Something that night raged in my heart, something I was already passionate about fighting for became even more important to me. When I saw my little girl in the eyes of this young woman, I knew that this was what I was called to live for, that is why we started Parker Clay.”


Allison Fallon

Author & Writer

Allison Fallon writes books, helps people write books, and believes a regular practice of writing can change your life. She is the author of 12+ books, sought after public speaker, and coach to hundreds of authors from New York Times Bestsellers to total beginners. She has spent the last decade coaching hundreds of people to gain confidence, overcome writer’s block, and get their stories on paper. Even if you say, “I’m not a writer,” she can show you how a daily practice of writing can improve your sleep, your focus, your creativity, your productivity, and even your relationships.

What was a powerful moment in your life when you took ownership over something?

“When I wrote the first draft of my book, I promised myself I’d tell the whole truth of my abusive marriage — and I did. The problem was, it wasn’t until I started reading the words on the page that I realized how much I was blaming and passing the responsibility for my life off to someone else. In the second draft, I made it a point to take responsibility for creating the life I wanted to live — examining my attitudes, mindsets, and choices and looking at how they played a role in the miserable position I was in. Writing that second draft was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but also the best. It showed me how much power I had — using my words — to create a life that was full of joy and meaning and love.”


Emcee: Alex Michael May

Creative Director, Stylist & Body Positivity Advocate

Alex Michael May is a Nebraska-born California dreamer and starry-eyed believer living the life of a creative entrepreneur in Los Angeles. She believes we are all creative, and that you have the ability to design a life you love. For her tips on style, travel, and beauty, check out her Instagram!

We can’t wait to hear from all of these incredible speakers (and many more to come!) alongside you in DTLA at the beautiful Hudson Loft in August!

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