4 Steps to Create a Sustainable Wardrobe That Is Timelessly You

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we purchased items of clothing that we could plan on passing down to our daughters one day? It was once a normalcy to purchase clothing that would last for years to come, but with today’s fast fashion, trend-chasing industry, we are missing out on high quality and sustainably-made items. But, the good news is, we still have the choice to pursue intentional and mindful purchases to be investments for years to come.

With each season of life, we are continually seeking a personal, reliable style that transcends through everyday life. Whether for work, home, or play, the styles we choose provide confidence, security, encouragement, and empowerment to who we are - as mothers, business owners, teachers, creatives, lawyers, or doctors. Through our day to day - we all wear clothes and are subject to the industry of consumption and comparison as we seek our own style.

So let’s dive into some simple ways to develop a style that’s timelessly you and one that stays away from fast fashion trends - as we want our pieces to be worn and loved for years to come. It starts with one piece at a time.

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1. Wear what makes you feel confident

A timeless style doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a conscious effort to take note on the styles and items that you reach for when you get dressed in the morning or go out in the evening.

Find the items that make you feel confident and comfortable, as if they are an extension of your own skin.

Ask yourself these questions to help narrow down your style and head towards smarter, long lasting purchases:

Do you prefer comfort over trends?
Do you prefer neutrals or pops of color?
Do you prefer pants/jeans or dresses/skirts?
Do you prefer flats or heels?

2. Wear styles that fit you

It’s not only important to choose styles you like, but finding the ones that fit and compliment your body will also help you achieve the wardrobe you’re seeking. This may take some trial and error, or research on great brands and silhouettes for you, but this self-awareness within your wardrobe will grow your confidence and determination for what to wear.

With these high quality, versatile pieces that fit, you can work to avoid growing tired of older styles, and continue building pieces that can be paired with your wardrobe for years to come. That beautiful, well-made sweater. The flattering midi-dress.

That pair of jeans that fits perfectly, whether after a workout or a slice of cake.

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3. Repeat those outfits

Don’t be afraid to repeat your favorite outfits and tops! It’s a lie in the industry that we are not supposed to re-wear items that we’ve already worn before. If you have a top that you love - re-wear it with no fear of anyone remembering you wore it last week. I promise from first hand experience, most people won’t.

When purchasing a new items of clothing, take some time to consider if you will wear the item you’re looking to purchase more than 30 times.

If not, chances are the item is not high quality enough, or just not the style you really need to add to your wardrobe!

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4. Shop timeless and sustainable brands

To get that perfect (for you) wardrobe started, you have to curate a loyal brand list to start from. There are many brands out there that are focused on bringing you timeless, well-made pieces that are created ethically and sustainably with a lasting wardrobe in mind. Here are a few of them to add to your list:

Clothes, shoes, and accessories in seasonal styles and colors.

Ethically made leather shoes and bags for men and women.

Power of My People
Sustainable styles of button down shirts for men and women.

Marine Layer
Casual clothing and accessories, as well as great basics for men and women.

Amour Vert
Large, curated seasonal collections of clothing, shoes, and jewelry for women.

United By Blue
Outdoor, casual wear and gear for men and women.

Elizabeth Suzann
High quality, hand stitched, minimal basics that can be paired with what you already own.

VETTA Capsule
Designed to produce capsule wardrobe collections for each season - each item can be worn in multiple ways.

With attention to these simple practices towards timeless style, we can take steps towards a wardrobe that has a lifetime of wears. It may take time and intentionality, but it’s worth those steps to wear items every day that help bring confidence, comfort, sustainability, and practicality to our lives.

Photos by Eun Creative

Kelly LaFerriere

Kelly is the founder of The Good Wear - a platform created to explore ways to be ethical and sustainable fashion consumers. Through her site, she covers conversations surrounding the industry, brands, transparency, and style. You can learn more at thegoodwear.com.