6 Bite-Sized TED Talks for Every Mood

Art & Culture

Fun, Fierce, and Fantastical African Art - 5 min

In this talk, TED Fellow, Wanuri Kahiu, encourages the advocacy of art for arts’ sake. She challenges that there is a need for imaginative, vibrant, and lighthearted art to come out of Africa; representing all kinds of human experiences that exist there, rather than just stories of poverty and war. Learn about the movement she calls “AfroBubbleGum” art and how it can brighten not just your day, but a global perspective.

Conscious Living

3 Thoughtful Ways to Conserve Water - 10 min

We all know a few ways to cut down water use around our homes, but what about our communities? Having grown up in Jordan, a state that has experienced absolute water scarcity since 1973, conserving water has been a part of Lana Mazahreh’s life both as a child and an adult. In this talk, she shares some creative, approachable ways for cities to be conscious of their water use.


Want to Be More Creative? Go for a Walk - 5 min

We all experience creative ruts where the ideas are just not flowing. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be a huge routine change or another book to read that will spark new ideas. Behavioral and learning scientist, Marily Oppezzo, walks us through the simplest, yet incredibly effective, way to welcome new ideas.


Want to Change the World? Start By Being Brave Enough to Care - 10 min

In this moving, emotion-evoking talk, artist and poet, Cleo Wade, shares a poem about what advocating for love and acceptance really means. She encourages us, at any age, to feel empowered to start making the big changes we need in the way it must begin - within our own homes and lives. As she says, “The world will say to you, ‘There are too many problems.’ Do not be afraid to be a part of the solutions.”


How I Became an Entrepreneur at 66 - 7 min

After unexpectedly being let go at 64 years old, Paul Tasner decided it was time for him to step into an uncharted area of work while most people his age were stepping away. By founding his own start-up at 66 with great experience and passion, he found he was not the only one starting something new at his age. In his light and inspiring talk, Paul shares with us the success his generation is having as entrepreneurs, and why it’s never too late to try something new.

Relationships & Communication

Free Yourself from Your Filter Bubbles - 10 min

What happens when a liberal and conservative meet? Joan Blades, domestic peace advocate, and John Gable, technologist and activist, had been wary to find out as most of the company they kept shared their opinions. But, the two quickly became lifelong friends and saw the great value and need to have honest conversations with others you might not initially agree with. In their shared talk, learn how to create spaces for mutual listening and even make friends with people who have different beliefs than you.

Feature Image by Valerie Denise Photos, Videos via TED

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