5 Apps for Everything You Want to Learn from French to Photography

If you’re anything like me, you may have entered into 2018 with high expectations of achievements and a set of goals that will guarantee this to be your best year yet. While there’s nothing wrong with this mentality, focusing solely on rigid achievement will likely lead to burnout, and fast. This year, I’m grateful for the community of women that reminded me of the importance of playful fun that inspires the kid in me to learn something new just because I want to. Shaking off any expectation other than enjoyment and endorphin-releasing, I am welcoming 2018 with delicious new meals, dancing around in my underwear, and learning to code just for the heck of it. Here are a few resources to help you move into the new year with a bit more tenderness and lighthearted play.


An app designed for food lovers and travelers by food lovers and travelers! Tastemade creates interactive videos centered around cultural cooking to connect you to a global community. One of my favorite foodies featured is Dini Klein. She combines Mediterranean flavors with American cooking methods and makes intimidating recipes like Squash Gnocchi super approachable. There are loads of fun ideas for cocktails, meals on the go, sweets, and more!


Skillshare accesses online videos and content created by experts in diverse industries. There are over 17,000 classes that go into design, photography, entrepreneurship, and more! They’re short and digestible for you to go at your own pace. You can even get started for free before you decide if you want to become a monthly subscriber.

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If 2018 is the year you finally become bilingual or at least learn how to say “hello”, “goodbye”, and “where is the wine?” in another language, Duolingo is an awesome place to get started! The language classes are taught by real people all over the globe. You play games and interact with teachers to be as integrated in a language as an online course will allow. If you are already bilingual, there are even opportunities to teach people just like you to learn your skill!


Unleash your inner rockstar. Or at least learn a few chords if you’ve been wanting to for awhile! At any skill level, Yousician connects you to step-by-step tutorials for guitar, piano, bass, and ukulele. I like it because you can track your progress, so if you’re like me and get distracted for a few months, you can pick up again right where you left off.

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Hip Hop Dance by Fitivity

Whether you want to be center circle at the club or dance around better at home in your underwear, this app teaches you hip hop moves and routines. If you’re working on fitness this year, it walks you through fun dance routines for all levels. When you’re done, you will actually feel like Queen B herself.

If you needed a reminder to be more lighthearted and tender with yourself this year like I did, I hope this is it for you. Let’s move forward in 2018 together, whether awkwardly or confidently, toward a more honest existence.

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Emily Schrems

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