5 Ways Yellow Members Made an Impact This Month

For the benefit of humankind. That’s the mission, the intention, the rally cry of the Yellow Collective. We want to empower women as individuals, through the use of community, to spread goodness in the world simply by being their fullest selves. And when we see this happen, as well as the ripple effect of good allowed by it, it’s just magical to us. Within this last month, we have been able to witness some incredible impact take place thanks to our Members, and wanted to share it with you too!

1. We helped fund business start up costs for a widow through International Justice Mission.

When you help a widow start her own business, you help her gain economic freedom and stability. This means her children can go to school, her family receives medical care, and she can make much-needed improvements to her home. We were thrilled to be able to support one of these women through IJM with the Yellow Membership. Because of this, her family’s future is secure and her economic progress contributes to a healthier community.

2. Through partnership with Phoenix House, Yellow has been able to create opportunities for teens to develop their future through our Yellow internship training program.

Yellow proudly supports Phoenix House, who works with youths, individuals, families, and communities affected by substance abuse and dependence, by providing job training and internships to members of their programs. Phoenix House is committed to treating the whole person — and their families — with caring, qualified professionals in the fields of psychiatry, medicine, mental health, social work, education, and recovery support. Their team of experts address underlying causes of substance abuse and behavioral patterns to guide clients toward lasting recovery.

Our Yellow Collective internship training program teens have been helping our team with membership operations, developing their individual skills, and connecting with community that can guide them in their future careers.


“This month as part of our mentorship program with the interns from Phoenix House, we did an exercise called Head, Hands, and Heart where they identified how they can contribute to their family, community, and job using things they know (head), things they can do (hands), and things they care about (heart). It was fun to see them identify their own strengths and for us get to know them better. We also guided them in completing a personality profile which seemed to resonate with them and give them valuable insight about themselves and how they interact with others in work and life.” - Jill Arbini, Yellow Internship Program Developer

3. We continued to deepen and foster genuine community.

We believe one of the most powerful factors in becoming our best selves are the people we surround ourselves with. The ones we lean on for any need; the ones who inspire and spark us to move forward in ways we never thought we could. It is so incredible to see these kind of relationships grow and deepen among our Yellow Members, and to hear the personal impact they’ve had on individuals in the community:

“Being a part of the Yellow Collective has been an incredible value-add for my life. In it, I’ve found a space to connect with women who want to support and encourage one another. In a tumultuous year for our nation, some of the most heartening moments I’ve had have been sitting in a circle once a month, sharing space and time in our Yellow gatherings, just talking about where we are and how we’re feeling. Community is needed now more than ever and Yellow is a safe space to connect, learn, and grow.” - Gabby Almon, LA Valley Yellow Collective Chapter Co-Leader

4. We expanded the Yellow community by starting our first International Chapter!

October marked the start of our Yellow Collective Kenya Chapter, our first international group. There are 8 women joining together there to grow in community and in their own lives through this chapter customized to meet their specific needs.


5. We protected the environment by printing our October Yellow Collective Periodical with a certified green printer on 100% recycled paper.

Our monthly publication, included in the Yellow Membership, was printed by eco-conscious California Green Press. It’s so important to us that as we put content out into the world, we are being conscious of the way we are doing so. Their certifications include: Sustainable Green Printing Partnership, Forest Stewardship Council® Chain of Custody (COC) Certification, Carbon Emissions of Operations are offset via Sterling Planet, Carbon Emissions of Shipping are offset via Carbonfund.

We’re so grateful to our members who allow us the opportunity to make impacts like these, and are looking forward to seeing all the good the Collective continues to bring!

Photos by: Cacá Santoro

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