Welcome to Wander: Our Next Series

They say self-discovery is for the youth. For the twenty-somethings grappling to just figure it out . That time and age is a promise of when we will finally be settled into ourselves, and set in our ways. While I can’t deny the confidence I see solidified with matured time, it would be a shame to limit shifting paths and evolving character to one demographic. From what I can tell, we are all continually answering the question:

“Where do I go from here?”

Not long ago I was introduced to, and in turn fell in love with, the Netflix series Grace & Frankie. The story follows the everyday lives of two women in their seventies essentially restarting their lives as they both come out of divorce. One - a free-spirited hippie, the other - buttoned up and uptight. It is clever, and ridiculous, and rare circumstances aside, empathy inducing to the realities of an older generation. In time, they navigate starting a business at an age stereotyped for retirement, open up to exploring love again, and find true partnership in each other’s friendship that before had consisted of mutual animosity. Fiction aside, their narrative is a true reminder that no matter our age or conditions, we all find ourselves lost in places we have yet to walk through.

So, we want to talk about it. For many of us, we get so caught up in how to take the next step forward, that we end up not moving at all. We want a clear cut, fool-proof guide on how to do xyz in life, and beg for answers to simply unanswerable questions.

But when we look at the core of what holds us back, is it really a ‘how-to’ issue, or is it something more?

Is it instead that we giving our fears more weight than our courage? Are we allowing our doubts to quickly cloud our faith? Do our insecurities speak louder than our confidence?  Has our focus shifted away from why - the heart of what we are trying to accomplish in the first place?

Welcome to Wander - The Yellow Room

The truth is, we cannot always give each other answers of what is to come. Instead, over these next three months, we want to address this time spent wandering in the middle. The in-between of trying to make it possible to leave your day job for your passion project. The search of not yet knowing your individual calling to make an impact. The indifference found in being too comfortable, in need of a push to your next adventure.

We believe that getting to the grit of what drives us will directly influence and awaken how we will get there.

To me, the time for this has never been better than now. Without question, we are in a time where our world is shifting. Voices are being lifted louder than ever. Dust is getting shaken. And the complacency many of us, myself included, had settled into is no longer an option for the very earth we live on, and every human we share it with. We are due to accept the challenge of taking an honest look at where we are, and exploring the intention of our actions now and going forward.

I encourage you to examine your purpose along with us. Hear the stories we’ll share of women who know how it feels to be in the thick of it by name. Gather their words and wisdom on flourishing during this time. Find footing not just to move, but move in the direction of who you want to be. Welcome to Wander, I think you’ll like it here.

Photos by: Valerie Denise Photos

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Hanna Snyder

Communications Director at Yellow Co.

Hanna is a graphic designer and writer in Los Angeles, and the Communications Director at Yellow Co. Any story well told - whether through design, words, art, or food stirs her. As a romantic about nearly everything, she believes what we bring to our world deserves to be beautiful. Her love is endlessly exploring new ways to express our truest self, and has been trying to figure out her curls since birth.