The Yellow Collective is Now Open!

Woooo!! Today is the day where you can officially become a Yellow Collective member! It’s always a bit scary and stressful to pull off another launch of the Collective. We officially launched The Yellow Collective at our 2016 conference in August, and we are constantly working on making it better and better, learning a ton along the way.


I’m super excited for the new things we have in store for the membership to make it a great experience for our members, to connect them, empower them and truly make an impact.

The purpose of The Yellow Collective is to have a safe, collaborative space for risk- taking women to know that they aren’t alone in their journey. For them to build up the confidence it takes to do big things, because they know they have the support and encouragement of their ladies behind them. 

We have such a blast.

It’s so fun to get a box full of goodies in the mail, it’s empowering to learn and build our brands through the online resources, but it’s the connections and the relationships that really make this membership so darn AWESOME.



You’re probably wondering what this whole membership is about, right?

I’ll start off by giving you the summary, then I’ll dive a bit deeper. You decide how far you want to read!


The Yellow Collective is a membership platform for creative, risk taking women who want to make this world a better place. That means YOU!

The membership comes with…

• A quarterly package with some goodies delivered to your door.

• Digital resources to help you stay inspired and grow in your entrepreneurial journey.

• The raddest community of supportive, risk-taking women.


That’s the short version. At this point you’re probably asking yourself,

“Joanna, this all sounds fine and dandy, but I work hard for my paycheck, and I’m not putting my money just anywhere, so I’m going to need you to elaborate a bit…“

To which I would answer, “WHY YES OF COURSE, I’D BE HAPPY TO!”

I’ll start off by elaborating a bit more about the EMPOWERMENT BOXES the membership comes with. Sound good?



First off, every quarter we have a theme. You may have seen us post about it on our blog.

The cool thing about these themes is that we don’t stop at the blog- they play a huge part in the Collective- aaand the EMPOWERMENT BOX.

Because of that, you’ll have goodies in the box that are centered around our theme.

Each Empowerment Box comes with..
• One do-good product
• A book to read together with the collective ladies
• An 8.5 x 11 print centered around the theme
• A set of 3 postcards, 2 for you and 1 with the address of another member. The idea here is to write a note of encouragement to another member!
• A (brand new!) Yellow Collective booklet highlighting stories from our current members.

To get a real feel for them, here are a few photos from our members who have ‘grammed their boxes when they arrive! 

@linalulupaperie  //  Oh hey ? great start to an already pretty great week #yellowcollective#spreadgoodness #bloomyellow

@ampersandcollections  //  HEY GIRL!(s) ? I am so stoked on the yellow collective! I just got their quarterly package in the mail and inspiration is seepin down to my bones and all my creative juices are like whaaaa!! ??? #yellowcollective #bloomyellow

@sfitzgerald11  //  I knew today was going to be a great day…and then this gem showed up on my porch & amped it up 10 notches! already loving being a part of this unique group of talented, smart and creative women! thank you@theyellowcollective #cornfieldcreative#yellowcollective

@megmarylong  //  Mail days are the best days! If you don’t recognize this cheery package, then you’re probably not in Yellow Collective, which means you’re missing out on something really special. Yellow Collective is a quarterly membership for creative women who want to use their gifts to do good in the world… I can’t rave about it enough. 
#yellowcollective #bloomyellow@theyellowcollective

@sassafrassflorals //  I am so grateful to be a little slice in this incredible community of women…this box was just the excitement, peace, center and inspiration I needed right now, and such a Gift✨ These yellow ladies have continually provided some serious soul and heart awakenings….like I literally get teary and sometimes have a full on cry from every blog post, email and box delivery in the best and sweetest of ways???? thank you @joannawaterfall for being the instigator of this beautiful, wonderful experience and thank you to all of you amazing gals who make this community such a warm, safe and empowering place?

As you can see, these boxes bring extra joy and empowerment to the lives of so many of our members. Goodness I love these ladies…

One thing I want to mention… although the box is the most purely physical product we offer, the membership is NOT centered around this box.

In a world full of subscription boxes (which we love), this is definitely not that!!

The box is a small portion of the larger community and membership. If you are interested in purchasing JUST a box, head to our shop!


At this point, you may be saying…

“That box thing looks cool, I doo love snail mail… but still… my money is hard earned (#entrepreneurlife, hellooo!) and I’m not yet convinced. I’m going to need something more here..”


Let me start off by telling you a bit about the digital resources portion of the membership and what that means…



Just like the boxes, these digital resources are centered around our theme for the quarter. Our goal is to have everything connected and cohesive!

The Digital Resources consist of…

• One 15 - 20 pg. Workbook centered around the theme
This is meant to help you dive into your self development. We recommend printing it out, pouring yourself a hot cup of coffee and heading to a quite place with just your workbook and a pen. It’s like a date with yourself and your development! If you’d like to see a sample few pages from a past workbook, feel free to download our free sample: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

• A monthly “webcast” interview
We love chatting with other creative entrepreneurs who are doing rad things in the world. Once a month we interview them live, so our members can chime in and be apart of the interview. They’re always a blast, super causal and filled with real talk.

• The “community challenge”
We be host a quarterly community challenge centered around our theme. This is to encourage our members to get out and DO, and to hold each other accountable for doing it! Helping you step out and step into being more of the person you were created to be. Members post about their challenge in our private Facebook group and Slack channel.

• An exclusive Yellow Conference ticket price & perks 
That’s right, you get an exclusive Yellow Conference ticket price and access to perks & special members only events at our conference. Tickets are on sale now.

• Free access to our Yellow Conference speaker videos
Yellow Collective members get access to the Yellow Conference speaker sessions (which are SO GOOD) for free. An $87 value!

• Vault of past quarter’s videos, e-courses and worksheets
• Weekly email filled with thoughts, take away tips and info
• Exclusive bonus material and other online seminars throughout the quarter

The overall goal of these digital resources is to give you the guidance you need to hone in on your strengths, be challenged, and become the best version of yourself you can be! That’s what’s going to make you both a better business owner and more content, fulfilled human in all areas of your life.

The coolest part is that you get to do it with a community who is supporting you throughout the entire thing.


Which brings me to…


My core desire with Yellow is to provide women with a safe & genuine community. A place where they feel seen, heard, and can completely be who they are.

Bringing the messiness, weirdness, the complicatedness (is that a word?), the badassery, the strengths, the hardships and everything in between. Embraced with no judgement, just love.

The coolest part is, once these women have been given the space to be who they were created to be, gotten inspired and made new friendships, it’s THEN that they can then go out into the world, TAKE ACTION and DO GOOD.


The final portion of The Yellow Collective is the COMMUNITY.

The community consists of…

• If you are in an area with a local chapter (OR if you get 5 or more people to sign up in your town) you’ll be able to attend our monthly in person gatherings (see below for current chapters!).
This is a place where our members get to connect with each other on a local level. We have monthly discussion topics and a standard way of running our gatherings to make sure everyone is able to get to know each other and connect on a deeper level!

Our chapters are located in:
Orange County
Long Beach
West LA
San Diego

Oakland, CA
New York, NY
Washington DC
Tulsa, OK
Cincinnati, OH
Raleigh, NC
Seattle, WA
Denver, CO

If you don’t see your city here, get 5 or more people to sign up in your local area and we will start an in person chapter there! If you aren’t able to do that, we have monthly digital gatherings for our members outside our chapter areas.

• 24/7 Slack Channel and Private Facebook group
Our Slack channel is a great way for our members to connect with each other nationally. Every week we host Slack chats online, centered around a theme for that week. Our Facebook group is a new addition to the membership this quarter! We plan on hosting Facebook Live events, posting photos from our various chapter gatherings, and other fun ways to keep up with other members from all over the country.

• Book Club
Remember me mentioning the book that comes in the box? It’s an awesome feeling to know that members from all over the country are reading the book together!

• Encouragement Pals
We include a postcard in the Empowerment Box addressed to another woman in the community, so if everyone sends a note, all community members will receive postcards to and from each other!

• Community Challenge
As we mentioned previously, we will be hosting a community challenge every quarter. The idea is that the members hold each other accountable to accomplishing the challenge, because challenges are always better when we do them together, right?

• Weekly Slack Chats
• Various online community convos

The goal is to have a Yellow Collective chapter in EVERY major city in the states! These are definitely a highlight of the membership and we would love to start a chapter in your city.

Community is where we grow, where we learn more about who we are, where we can learn how to think differently and encourage one another. It’s truly awesome to see the growth from so many of our members after being apart of this community. The world is CHANGING Y’ALL!



Invest in yourself this year.

2017 can be a real game changer in your life if you allow it to be. But it starts with you.

It starts with a choice. It starts right here.


Have a wonderful evening ladies! If you have any specific about the membership, please shoot an email to!



Joanna Waterfall

Founder of Yellow Co.


Joanna Waterfall

Founder at Yellow Co.

Joanna is the founder of the Yellow Conference, a gathering for creative, entrepreneurial minded women to be equipped, inspired, and connected for the greater good. She lives in the Los Angeles area with her hubs and cat, loves coffee, and sometimes goes days without washing her hair.