Our (Free) March Gathering & Some Exciting News!!


Hey y’all! Joanna Waterfall here.

I’m so excited to announce our March gathering. Not only because it’s taking place one of my favorite places to work in Orange County (Wayfare HQ), but because we are introducing something super exciting.

To be honest, this process has been a long one. Last year we had a Kickstarter that failed . Since then, I’ve bounced around numerous ideas on how to move forward from that, and have asked myself so many times..  what’s next … Our team has brainstormed so many ideas, there were a ton of possibilities, but nothing really stuck, nothing felt right. I’ve always known that Yellow is meant to be and do something more than a conference, something that allows us to connect more than once a year. But what that meant exactly, I had no idea.
Until now. (Cue the dramatic music)…

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After a lot of brainstorming, counsel, patience, team meetings and advice, we finally feel like we’ve reached an answer: The Yellow Collective .

You ready for this? The Yellow Collective will be a quarterly membership program curated with you in mind. Over the span of a year, members to The Yellow Collective will receive empowerment and community in three ways:
1.  Digitally (online resources & access to our digital community)
2.  Tangibly (__a quarterly box with do-good products, inspirational prints and a book)
3.  In person (in person quarterly events)

Woo! Get’s me all excited writing it out.

This being said, before we fully launch this thing we need to test it out: see what you think and hear your feedback.

So… we’re having a (free) piloting party at FLDWRK HQ on March 7th in Costa Mesa. At this party we’ll tell you a bit more about the membership and open up to 20 spots for creative women in the LA and Orange County area to become a member at a founders price, locked in for you forever (yes, for-evv-err).

Interested in coming to the party? It’s free!



One more thing- if you RSVP, you’ll automatically be entered to win our Piloting Party Prize which includes:

  • Unlimited month of co-working​ at FLDWRK (Wayfare) ($350)
  • ​2-Day Pass to The Yellow Conference ($315)
  • 1 Free Quarter Membership to The Yellow Collective​ (price TBD)

That’s over $700 worth in prizes- not too shabby. I think that means you should come ;)

Over the course of the next several months, we will be releasing more information on The Yellow Collective , (sign up for our Yellow Collective email list to stay in the loop) and making it available to the public in limited quantities beginning in July, after our founding members have tested this thing out. Also, we’ve heard your requests for gatherings outside LA and CA-we believe this is a way we can make this happen! Just a matter of time :) Stay tuned! 

The Team and I are beyond excited, nervous, and just all the feels about this new membership. We see it’s necessity and believe that something powerful happens when creative women are empowered, inspired, and given the space to connect.

If you made it all the way through this post, thank you! Your support means more than you know.

We’re going to make some big waves of good in this world, ladies. Let’s spread some good.

Joanna Waterfall
Founder of Yellow Co.

PS- Interested in staying in the loop on The Yellow Collective? Sign up here for exclusive updates :)

Joanna Waterfall

Founder at Yellow Co.

Joanna is the founder of the Yellow Conference, a gathering for creative, entrepreneurial minded women to be equipped, inspired, and connected for the greater good. She lives in the Los Angeles area with her hubs and cat, loves coffee, and sometimes goes days without washing her hair.